Support your club or group through sponsorship

Sign up your personal or business account to support your club or group by providing much needed funding.
When you switch to CLUBPOWER, you save money AND you provide around $50 every year that you are a customer at no cost at all to you. How awesome is that?!

CLUBPOWER can also help your charity reach their funding goals.

Are you a club or a group that could benefit from funding?
Set up your own CLUBPOWER scheme to harness the power of your supporters and create a rebate programme with group purchasing opportunities for electricity and gas. CLUBPOWER provides competitive utility pricing for your chosen charity and rebate cash back to you.

To give you an idea of how our programme could benefit you, here are the current support levels are as follows;

A typical CLUBPOWER plan could be:
25 Residential members @ $50.00 rebate pa = $1,250.00
10 Member’s Businesses @ $100.00 rebate pa = $1,000.00
2 Larger (TOU) Member’s Businesses @ $500.00 pa = $1,000.00

Total = $3,250.00

What can I do to support a club or group?

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